This update is automatic and the changes have already been added if you are currently using FlipFolio.

New Features

  • New “Book Cover Closed” Frame Theme. This will allow you to use the first and last pages as a front and back cover of a book. FlipFolio will start with the book closed displaying the front cover and will open when clicked on or when the right navigation arrow has been clicked.
  • New “Stretch to Fit” image fit option. This will force your image to fit inside FlipFolio regardless of the image’s aspect ratio.

Bug Fixes

  • FlipFolio’s width no longer squeezes to fit if the bounding box has been set to a small width.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Reading Direction setting to not save correctly when set to “Right to Left” (This option is now titled “Reverse”).
  • The Reading Direction setting has been renamed “Animation Direction” for more clarity. The “Reverse” option now also works when the “Autoplay” setting is enabled.
  • The add page button now works when you click the center of the button.
  • When “Loop” is disabled it now works with the “Autoplay” setting enabled. When FlipFolio has reached the last page Autoplay will stop.
  • Fixed: When you changed the size of a book on one page, all of the other pages that contained books would switch to mobile mode while in the editor.