FlipFolio Update v 1.1.0

This update is automatic and the changes have already been added if you are currently using FlipFolio.

New Features

  • New “Book Cover Closed” Frame Theme. This will allow you to use the first and last pages as a front and back cover of a book. FlipFolio will start with the book closed displaying the front cover and will open when clicked on or when the right navigation arrow has been clicked.
  • New “Stretch to Fit” image fit option. This will force your image to fit inside FlipFolio regardless of the image’s aspect ratio.

Bug Fixes

  • FlipFolio’s width no longer squeezes to fit if the bounding box has been set to a small width.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Reading Direction setting to not save correctly when set to “Right to Left” (This option is now titled “Reverse”).
  • The Reading Direction setting has been renamed “Animation Direction” for more clarity. The “Reverse” option now also works when the “Autoplay” setting is enabled.
  • The add page button now works when you click the center of the button.
  • When “Loop” is disabled it now works with the “Autoplay” setting enabled. When FlipFolio has reached the last page Autoplay will stop.
  • Fixed: When you changed the size of a book on one page, all of the other pages that contained books would switch to mobile mode while in the editor.

6 thoughts on “FlipFolio Update v 1.1.0”

  1. I think this looks great, but when you switch to mobile, the text won’t show up well and the expand mode is not available. Is it possible to have this open/expand when you click on the picture while in mobile mode.

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hello Tammy,

      Unfortunately, Wix created websites are not yet fully responsive and have set maximum widths for desktop (960 pixels or px) and mobile (somewhere around 320px). For desktop screens the fullscreen toggle opens up at it’s max with of 960px. For mobile the FlipFolio is automatically set to its max width, therefore if the toggle was enabled it would just open up at the exact same size.

      I do think Wix intends to move toward fully responsive sites in the future and once they do we will be able to update FlipFolio. For the time being I would suggest prompting your users to rotate their devices into landscape mode. In the screenshot below you will notice FlipFolio takes up most of the screen and there is not much more room for it to get any larger.

      fullscreen flipfolio mobile

      Best regards,


  2. The widget seems great, but unfortunately I cannot get it to update with my own images on Wix. It looks ok on Wix website, but the altered images don’t show up on the published page. Is this a feature of the free version?

    Best regards,


    1. Hello Luis,

      Sounds like a bug or conflict of some kind to me. Could I have you use the contact link in the menu and send us a link to the page in question? We should be able to help you out and see what is going wrong.


  3. love the app, but the only downside for me with this app is that i can only add one photos at a time instead of selecting multiple photos and the app will atomically be able to create a page for each one. This way it would be less time consuming.

    1. Hello John,

      This is definitely a feature we want to add, but we are limited by Wix’s built in gallery. Once they make multiple file uploading an option we will be sure to add it to the app.

      Best Regards,


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